Stars say no to music leaks

The recently-released best­selling rap album Watch The Throne, from hip-hop giants Jay-Z and Kanye West, is one of the first albums to not have any songs ‘leaked’ prior to its release. The prob­lem of online leak­ing, in which songs not yet released by its authors are stolen and put online on music-ripping sites and social net­work­ing sites, is a huge one for music artists and their pro­duc­ers.
So how did Jay-Z and Kanye West keep their songs from being leaked? They stored their files on fingerprint-protected USB dri­ves (which they kept in locked suit­cases), they told all col­lab­o­ra­tors to record with them live in the stu­dio, not via e-mail…

Read what more and more stars are doing to pre­vent online leaks.  Full arti­cle here on BBC News.

Redbox rental watch — Soul Surfer

Avail­able for rent in Red­box is the surf­ing flick Soul Surfer, the film released in the­aters this year based on the inspi­ra­tional true story of thirteen-year-old surfer Bethany Hamil­ton, who in 2003 lost her arm in a shark attack. Amaz­ingly, she went back to surf­ing less than a month after the acci­dent.
The PG-rated film stars Anna­Sophia Robb as Bethany, with Den­nis Quaid and Helen Hunt as her par­ents.
Pop­Mon­goose didn’t watch Soul Surfer yet, though most reviews are half-positive, half-negative, with Rot­ten Toma­toes crit­ics say­ing that there is “An amaz­ing true story at the heart of Soul Surfer — and unfor­tu­nately, it’s drowned by waves of Hol­ly­wood cheese.”

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Daniel Radcliffe doesn’t envy Robert Pattinson — surprise?

Accord­ing to Huff­in­g­ton Post, Daniel Rad­cliffe — after hav­ing spent ten years of his life play­ing Harry Pot­ter, the Cho­sen One —  doesn’t envy for­mer co-star Robert Pat­tin­son, the star of the Twi­light movies. The two British actors, who both starred in the fourth Harry Pot­ter install­ment (Pattinson’s char­ac­ter died a tragic death at the end of the film), rose to fame quite dif­fer­ently, Rad­cliffe says.
“I think he’s had to do with kind of a lot more. I had a very grad­ual eas­ing in to the idea of fame, because I was doing the first two films back to back almost. So while the whole ‘Pot­ter’ film fran­chise was explod­ing, I was in the stu­dios film­ing and kind of unaware…where as Rob, he was sud­denly the most famous guy in the world. I think that’s a lot harder to deal with.”

Daniel Rad­cliffe is cur­rently star­ring on Broad­way and is star­ring in the hor­ror thriller The Woman In Black, to be released in the­ater Feb­ru­ary 2012. As for Pat­tin­son, he’s wrap­ping up his Twi­light fran­chise, start­ing with Break­ing Dawn, to be released in November.

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VMAs to air Sunday the 28th

Bruno Mars, one of the nominees

So the MTV Video Music Awards are air­ing Sun­day the 28th, live from the Nokia The­ater in LA — are you watch­ing? Mon­goose will be cov­er­ing the event, though he will be skip­ping MTV’s kinda vul­gar ads ((Jer­sey Shore? Get me away from them!) for some­thing bet­ter dur­ing the com­mer­cial breaks. Teen pop star­let Selena Gomez is host­ing the awards pre-show, which mean start­ing from 8pm ET she’ll be stand­ing on the Red Car­pet chat­ting with fel­low celebri­ties. At 9pm, the show will open with a per­for­mance of her newest sin­gle “You And I” by Lady Gaga, from whom we’re all expect­ing some­thing weird and weirder, based on her per­for­mance from last year and her dis­gust­ing meat dress. Also per­form­ing (announced so far) is Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, and Adele.
A huge num­ber of pop­u­lar artists are nom­i­nated, like Katy Perry, Bruno Mars, Brit­ney Spears and a host of other singers whom we’ve been hear­ing all sum­mer on Top 40 sta­tions across the coun­try. Speak­ing of Brit­ney, she’ll be hon­ored with a spe­cial video trib­ute.
Learn more here on the offi­cial MTV website.

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Selena Gomez wows crowds in NJ concert

Accord­ing to MTV News, Selena Gomez wowed the crowds who attended her NJ con­cert Sat­ur­day night, her lat­est stop on her We Own The Night con­cert tour. The teen star­let and girl­friend of Justin Bieber will also host the MTV Video Music Awards red car­pet pre-show next Sun­day, the 28th, at 8PM ET.

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Glee Project crowns new winners

The Glee Project, the sing-dance-act real­ity show on Oxy­gen, in which the win­ner would win a seven-episode arc on the hit show Glee, has crowned on Sun­day its first ever win­ner — or win­ners. Ryan Mur­phy, the cre­ator of both shows, has cho­sen two of the young final­ists — Samuel Larsen and Damien Mcginty — to each win a seven-episode arc, while the two runner-ups, Lind­say Pearce and Alex Newell, will also each star in a pair of episodes of Glee. So everybody’s a winner.

From left: Samuel Lar­son, Damien Mcginty, Lind­say Pearce, Alex Newell.

I, Mon­goose, never watched the Glee Project, though I do watch the mother-show, Glee., and find it enter­tain­ing and totally weird at the same time.
Mon­goose didn’t bother with THE GLEE CONCERT MOVIE IN 3D(!!!) due to its neg­a­tive reviews.

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The Glee Project crowns winners

The Glee Project, the sing-dance-act real­ity show on Oxy­gen Net­work in which the win­ner will get a seven-episode arc on the hit show Glee, crowned a win­ner on Sun­day — or more like winners.

Ryan Mur­phy, the cre­ator of both shows, has cho­sen as win­ners Damian Mcginty and Samuel Lar­son, two of the young final­ists, to each star in a seven-episode arc — while the two other runner-ups — Lind­say Pearce and Alex Newell — will appear in a pair of episodes of Glee.  So everybody’s a win­ner in some sort. 

Spy Kids 4 + Aromascope: not a winning combination

One of the many films released this week­end is Spy Kids: All The Time In The World — In 4D, the fourth install­ment in the series. Once again directed by Robert Rodriguez and star­ring Jes­sica Alba, the PG-rated film gen­er­ated less-than-brilliant reviews, sink­ing low in the week­end box office. The 4D, which is basi­cally 3D plus Aro­mas­cope scratch-and-smell cards, was rated unnec­es­sary and tacky.
So what is exactly Aro­mas­cope?
Here’s an offi­cial descrip­tion for Spy Kids 4.
”…With each indi­vid­ual admis­sion ticket, kids and par­ents will also receive an Aro­mas­cope card that is free of charge with easy to read num­bers out­lined. As the num­bers flash on the movie screen the audi­ence will rub the cor­re­spond­ing num­ber on their card. When each of the 8 aro­mas are unleashed you will get to expe­ri­ence a spe­cial moment in the film and be trans­ported into scenes in the fam­ily adven­ture film…“
It seems already like a bad idea. Tear­ing your eyes away from the screen, break­ing the immer­sive “magic” of the film to scratch and squint at some num­bers in your hand while wear­ing 3D glasses?
“Dad, I lost my card under the seat…“
Read The Hol­ly­wood Reporter’s review.

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Rango — movie to rent today

If you haven’t seen yet Rango in the the­aters (which you prob­a­bly did) or bought the DVD, you should rent it on Red­box now. The PG-rated fea­ture Dream­works ani­ma­tion is directed by Gore Verbin­sky (Pirates Of The Caribbean 1–2-3). Johnny Depp lends his voice to our pro­tag­o­nist, a scaly gecko lizard (from the real human world) called Rango who stum­bles into a west­ern fron­tier town pop­u­lated by ani­mals like him, of course, and after a bunch of mis­ad­ven­tures, becomes the town’s (and the world’s) fun­ni­est sher­iff. He helps the town solve their mys­te­ri­ous water drought prob­lem, while encoun­ter­ing a wild cast of col­or­ful char­ac­ters as well as dis­cov­er­ing who he him­self, really is. The ani­ma­tion is fan­tas­ti­cally real­is­tic, and the movie is fun and excit­ing for all ages/
Roger Ebert (respected film critic from the Chicago Sun-Times) wrote “…Some kind of a mir­a­cle: An ani­mated com­edy for smart movie­go­ers, won­der­fully made, great to look at, wickedly satir­i­cal, and (gasp!) filmed in glo­ri­ous 2-D.“
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