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The Duellists

RIDLEY SCOTT’S direc­to­r­ial debut, 1977’s The Duel­lists, is a phe­nom­e­nal paragon of nar­ra­tive purity. It is the story of two per­pet­u­ally quar­rel­ing French sol­diers in the era of Napoleon, one played by Keith Car­ra­dine and the other by Har­vey Kei­tel, who encounter one another every few years and recom­mence their oft-interrupted duels. What begun, and pro­longs the life of, these reck­less dances with death? To find the well­spring of their dogged dis­con­tent with one another, you must under­stand their char­ac­ters, for what­ever lit­tle strife it was that spurred the ini­tial demands for sat­is­fac­tion even­tu­ally becomes con­signed to obliv­ion. Con­tinue read­ing